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Vocal health through expert research

Welcome to Bristol Voice Care, where your voice is nurtured with dedicated expertise and scientific insight.

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Embark on your vocal journey

At Bristol Voice Care we believe you are the expert on your voice. We are here to help you unlock that expertise and nurture your vocal potential through a holistic approach, guiding you with knowledge gained through expert research and practical performance experience.

Empowering Bristol’s voices through expert coaching and transformative vocal workshops.

Voice Rehabilitation

Rediscover strength with voice rehabilitation.

Vocal massage

Heal and harmonise with manual therapy.

Singing teaching, coaching and practitioner mentoring

Cultivate your singing, find your voice.

Discover how our vocal services can help you

At Bristol Voice Care we specialise in caring for all voice users, from seasoned professionals and keen amateur singers and actors, through to teachers, public speakers and other professional voice users.  Our bespoke programmes are tailored to your individual needs. If you are recovering from injury, in need of a vocal MOT, or interested in exploring your vocal potential as a singer, teacher or public speaker we can help.

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Bristol Voice Care is where your voice finds its true potential

“With her fun and deep knowledge I recommend Jenna and her incredibly powerful work to everyone with a voice, actors, teachers, singers, and all.”

Professional actor/singer voice care client

“I saw Jenna when I was in a moment of vocal crisis, suspecting nodules. Jenna supported and encouraged the process and over the last year through our work together my vocal confidence, technique and ability has totally shifted.”

Professional actor/singer voice care client

Embark on your vocal journey

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Receive a tailored program, uniquely designed to improve and maintain your vocal health and artistry.

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