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Elevating choirs and solo voices

Tailored coaching for individual and group voices

The art of vocal excellence

Unveiling the secrets of vocal prowess

Would you like to increase your vocal stamina? Perhaps you would like to improve your belt technique? Do you want to know how to get the best blended sound from your choir? Or maybe you would like to improve your public speaking and communication skills? Our bespoke coaching and mentoring for individuals and groups can support all your vocal goals whether you are a singer, spoken voice user, performer, teacher or choral conductor.

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Bristol Voice Care is where your voice finds its true potential

What to expect

Embark on your journey to vocal mastery and discover what to expect from a customised coaching program tailored for your voice and goals.

Individual and choral vocal coaching

In individual coaching sessions you will be guided through a range of vocal techniques and strategies to help you meet your personal goals. We can support you to develop existing skills, prepare for auditions and performances, and explore new vocal pathways. We have experience working with actors for stage, film, TV and radio and singers from all genres including classical, musical theatre, jazz, folk, and rock and pop.

In group coaching sessions your choir will experience an expertly facilitated, vocal health focused rehearsal workshop. Our fun and playful sessions explore individual vocal technique for safe and efficient singing, as well as how these can be adapted for group singing. We have experience coaching music from a range of styles, and musical periods, including repertoire from large choral works, opera choruses, musical theatre, liturgical music, popular music and part songs.

Teacher and conductor mentoring

Are you a singing teacher or choral conductor who would like to improve or update your pedagogical knowledge and practical skills? Bristol voice care is driven by a commitment to engaging in and with the most up to date voice research. We offer mentoring and training for vocal practitioners. Get in touch to find out how we can help support your career development.

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Embark on your vocal journey

Begin with a discovery call, your first step towards vocal revitalisation. In this personalised session, we’ll explore your unique vocal needs and map out a path to enhance and recover your voice. Connect today to initiate your transformative vocal journey.

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