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Kind words

View some kind words from our valued clients and friends

“I started vocal rehab sessions with Jenna after having completely lost my voice. Sessions have not only been enjoyable, but have been monumentally helpful in my recovery process. We've completely restructured my vocal health routine; addressed weak points in my technique; and have helped to bring the joy back into singing. As a professional daily voice user, I'd recommend vocal rehabilitation and voice coaching with Jenna to anyone looking to work on their voice technique; to get more out of their voice; and to craft better vocal practice.”

Professional singer and choir leader voice care client

“Jenna's approach of working with the whole body rather than just the production of the voice is really effective. I found that her exercises made a significant difference to how easily I could sing.”

Professional choral singer voice care client

“The techniques shown to us have allowed me to feel more relaxed when singing - physically and psychologically. Gentle guidance regarding the mouth and the tongue has improved the vowels of the choir in general which has led to a blended sound with more colour than before.”

Exultate Singers Choir Member

“Singing is all about confidence, and expert coaching can help you find that within yourself, which means so much more than critical comment or vocal technique, even if those things are helpful too”

Singing Student

“Jenna's session was really good, both informative and enjoyable. Everyone seemed to have a ‘moment’ where they felt or heard something change in their voice. She gave everyone personalised attention and feedback which was great!”

Sing and Sign, Bristol

“The approach at Bristol Voice Care is more than vocal coaching; they take a holistic view, and help you to understand what is going on within your body and inside your head as you sing.”

Vocal massage client and vocal coaching client

“Working with Bristol Voice Care has transformed the way our choir sings. We can tackle choral masterpieces with much more ease, comfort and confidence. For many of us it has refreshed our joy in singing.”

Bristol Phoenix Choir Member

Explore our three core services: voice rehabilitation, manual therapy, and vocal coaching, designed to nurture, heal, and empower voices of all levels, from novices to seasoned professionals.

Voice Rehabilitation

Rediscover strength with voice rehabilitation.

Vocal massage

Heal and harmonise with manual therapy.

Vocal Coaching & Practitioner Mentoring

Cultivate your singing, find your voice.

Embark on your vocal journey

Begin with a discovery call, your first step towards vocal revitalisation. In this personalised session, we’ll explore your unique vocal needs and map out a path to enhance and recover your voice. Connect today to initiate your transformative vocal journey.

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