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Rejuvenate your vocal capacity

Comprehensive vocal rehabilitation tailored to your needs.

The challenge

Vocal health matters

If you are experiencing vocal challenges we can help. Whether you are recovering from illness, experiencing burnout and vocal fatigue, or need support with a more complex diagnosis we are here to listen and gently guide you on your rehabilitation journey with our expert knowledge.

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Bristol Voice Care is where your voice finds its true potential

What to expect

Explore the path to vocal restoration and learn what to expect with our personalised rehabilitation programme

Respectful and non-judgmental:

listening is at the heart of our approach. We give you the time you need to share your experiences and set your own rehabilitation goals.

Safe environment:

based in our cosy music room, we provide a friendly and relaxing space in which to work together.


each session is co-created, with opportunities to review progress, adjust goals and explore the most meaningful approach for you.

Holistic strategies:

we can suggest a range of tools to optimise your vocal health from the perspective of your physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Expert techniques:

our work is built on a foundation of research and best-practice, with a culture of curiosity and lifelong learning at the heart of everything we do.

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What to do now

After your discovery call, while waiting for your consultation in person or online, we recommend three key steps to care for your voice:

Allow your body and your mind time for peace. Embrace stillness and prioritise sleep.

Hydrate your body and your voice. Fuel yourself with healthy whole foods. Take a walk in nature to nourish the soul.

Warm up and cool down your voice with soft humming, lip trills, or straw exercises. Move your body as well as your voice and be mindful of how you care for your whole self.