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Restore your vocal function

Expert vocal massage tailored to your vocal needs.

The essence of vocal care

What is vocal massage?

Vocal massage (sometimes also called laryngeal massage or manual therapy) is a hands-on treatment combining myofascial release techniques, maxillofacial therapy and stretches. Our evidence-based approach offers a gentle, pain-free treatment process. We believe in facilitating a relaxed vagal state, where your body can rest, digest and repair in a safe environment where you remain fully in control of the process.   

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Bristol Voice Care is where your voice finds its true potential

How can massage help your voice?

There can be many benefits from receiving massage and not just for the body. Our philosophy recognises the importance of nurturing the whole person, with touch-based therapy providing relief and comfort for both body and mind.

Some of the benefits of massage include:

  • Reduction in muscle tension
  • Relaxation
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Reduction of stress hormones
  • Improved recovery of tissue injuries
  • Improved mood and reduction of anxiety

These benefits could help your voice by:

  • Increasing tone and resonance
  • Reducing sensations of strain
  • Smoothing register transitions in singing
  • Increasing breath efficiency
  • Releasing jaw and tongue root tension
  • Improving articulation

What to expect

In our work we apply the consent EQUATION:

(Flock and King, 2022)


we will always explain what we would like to offer you in the treatment and how it connects to vocal anatomy and relevant research and practice.


we will always tell you why we propose certain techniques and how they relate to your needs and wishes.


we will always check you understand our rationale and are happy to continue.


you will have opportunities to ask questions and ask for alternative strategies throughout your session.


we will always reflect critically on our knowledge and assessments to make sure we are offering the most appropriate personalised treatment.

Into Space:

when we begin hands-on work we will connect with you in your space and listen to how your body responds to touch to ensure you are supported safely and effectively.


we will always offer you options for alternative techniques to maintain your comfort and autonomy.


before starting work we will co-construct a plan for saying no. We will continue to seek your feedback and continual consent for everything we do in the session.

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Embark on your vocal journey

Begin with a discovery call, your first step towards vocal revitalisation. In this personalised session, we’ll explore your unique vocal needs and map out a path to enhance and recover your voice. Connect today to initiate your transformative vocal journey.

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